MISS VANJIE on Hey Qween! Beach House with Jonny McGovern

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” star and Meme Qween Supreme MISS VANJIE is here on the Hey Qween! Beach House FINALE!

Miss Vanjie… Miss Vaaannnjie… Miss….VAAANNNNJJJIIIEEE! That’s right, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star VANESSA VANJIE MATEO is here at the Hey Qween! Beach House! After taking the world by storm with her iconic catchphrase, she’s made her way to our gay little house on the beach! And if you thought this qween was just a one hit wonder, you best stand corrected because Miss Vanjie is here to stay… and SLAY!

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Comedian Jonny McGovern hosts “Hey Qween!” The DRAGIEST talk show of all time! Jonny and his sidekick, drag diva Lady Red Couture, riff about current hot topics and interview amazing guests!

Our FABULOUS Season 6 guests: Aja, Farrah Moan, Charlie Hides, Alexis Michelle, Acid Betty, Candis Cayne, Jaymes Mansfield, Detox, Vicky Vox, Trannika Rex, Kimora Blac, Larry T, Dida Ritz, Darriene Lake AND MORE!

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