Extra Hot T: Caitlyn Jenner’s Cindy Crawford Obsession


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Oh yes, the T is HOT today, children! This week on Hot T, Jonny is joined by his partner in crime, Lady Red Couture, lovable lesbian Julie Goldman, sassy sister Brandy Howard, and the flawless, the fierce, Raven from RuPaul’s Drag Race! Jonny and the gang sip on all the T from the latest hot celebrity gossip including Melania Trump’s beautiful speechwriting skills, Richard Simmons’ transition into the fabulous Fiona, and of course the Watergate Scandal of Snapchat, Taylor Swift EXPOSED by Kim Kardashian! As if that T wasn’t hot enough, Lady Red lets us all have it when she decides she’s had it with rich people and their problems in a rant you don’t wanna miss!  Grab your favorite teacup and settle in for teatime, because all of this T and ALL the shade you can handle are in this week’s episode of Hot T, henny!

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Hot Tea covers all the celebrity gossip from People, OK, In touch, National Enquirer, and more tabloids!

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Jonny has starred on Comedy Central’s “Out On The Edge” with Alan Cumming as well as numerous Vh-1 and MTV specials including “Totally Gayer” and “My Coolest Years”. He appeared in Tru Tv’s “Smoking Gun” series, was a correspondent for the final season of the “Ricki Lake Show”, and was handpicked by Rosie O’Donnell as a cast member on LOGO’s hit series “The Big Gay Sketch Show” (three fabulous seasons). His long running podcast Gayest Of All Time celebrates its 10th anniversary next fall.

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