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Haaaaay Qweens!
It’s your daddy Jonny McGovern, Lady Red Couture & the Hey Qween! Crew here asking for your help.

A year ago we started the Hey Qween! on a zero dollar budget a dream. The was idea of a comedy talk show where LGBT stars could really sit down and GET INTO IT! Talk and tell their stories in detail in a way that we don’t get to hear in the mainstream media. Where drag and performance legends could TEACH the children through their experiences. A place to be positive and upfront about sexuality and the gay experience. But also a place to cut up, kiki and have a gay old time. To make the kind of show they call “TOO GAY” for television! Thanks to thestream,tv we’ve been able to realize that dream and for 2 season ( 35 episodes) Hey Qween! has become the place to go for LGBT stars and our allies. You our audience have spoken and says YES we want to hear from OUR stars on OUR show! We’ve been graced by stars like RuPaul, Jake Shears, Michelle Visage, Jackie Beat, Calpernia Addams, Peaches Christ and Candis Cayne, dreamboats like Miles Davis Moody and the cast of “Where The Bears Are”, sexperts like Boomer Banks and Christopher Daniels and the cream of the Drag Race crop- including Willam, Alaska, Raven, Courtney Act, Pandora Boxx, Manila Luzon, Detox and we’ve even gotten all Oprah on yo’ ass and redeemed Laganja Estranja! All that on a VERY tiny budget with a cast, crew and studio doing it for the love of the faggotry.

We have worked extremely hard to bring you the best, gayest show we can but its time to step it up! For the upcoming 3rd of Hey Qween! We want to get make the show bigger and better and EVEN GAYER…. but to do that we need your help!

We need YOU the fans of Hey Qween! to help fund the new season!

We want to up the glamour! We wanna step up the set and the wardrobe!
Wouldn’t you like you like to see Lady Red in some truly outrageous outfits and over the top looks? Or see interviewing stars on the red carpet? We want to add new remote segments, new graphics and new sound cues. We can do A LOT more with a bit of a budget.
That’s where you come in.

Help support the new season of Hey Qween! and you’ll get some amazing exclusive prizes and you’ll have done your part to keep the gayest show of all time coming to you every week !!

If you love our show please donate and share this campaign with all of your other friends who love Hey Qween!

Help us babies!

Love Jonny, Lady Red & The Hey Qween Crew!